Proof that Patrick Kane is clutch late in a playoff series

If you’ve paid attention to the Chicago Blackhawks in the playoffs the last several years, you’ve probably noticed that Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane always seem to show up when the pressure is at its highest. Late in a series, or late in a game, the winning pass or goal almost always seems to come from one of these two skaters.

Most recently, Kane tied and won the game for the Blackhawks in Game 6 against the LA Kings.

Many players have earned the “clutch” label, but Kane seems to be the definition of the term late in a playoff series.

Just how clutch? Check out this ridiculous stat:

Aside from the insane number of goals and assists, the sheer number of Games 4-7 he has played in is much higher than most probably would have guessed. Some may make the argument that this shows Kane doesn’t show up until late in the series, but that’s kind of a silly argument. Wouldn’t you want your best player to shine when your team needs him most? Kane is clutch late in the playoffs and we finally have some solid data to prove it.

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