Report: Dan Boyle probably won’t sign with the Islanders

The Islanders made news recently when they traded for the rights to Dan Boyle. The Isles dealt a fifth-round pick to the San Jose Sharks for the right to negotiate with Boyle before the defenseman hits free agency. Of course, the Islanders would still have to negotiate a new contract with Boyle – assuming he wants to play there.

According to one report, it doesn’t look like Boyle is going to be signing with the Islanders.

Take it with a grain of salt, but logic and common sense backs it up. Why would Boyle, a skater about to turn 38, want to close out his career with a team which still has a few hurdles to climb before its a true Cup contender? Boyle wants to play for a contender and the Isles don’t currently fit that bill.

Negotiations between the two haven’t even started, according to the same report.

We’ll have to wait and see if Boyle reconsiders, but it looks like the Islanders may have to keep looking for help at defense. If Boyle moves on, the Isles will be out a draft pick, but at least the cost isn’t too high. However, you’d imagine they had to have some sort of hunch that Boyle would sign before making the trade. Recent reports haven’t matched that line of thinking.

For the contenders of the NHL, this developing story is one to keep an eye on as a talented veteran defenseman may be primed to hit the open market.

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