Report: Jason Spezza wants to be traded because he’s blamed for losses

In May, we ran a story indicating that a Jason Spezza trade is pretty likely following an exit interview the veteran forward had with the team. The details surrounding that interview remained pretty vague, but it was clear that Spezza and the team’s management would be exploring a possible trade.

A new report suggests that Spezza wants to be dealt to a new team because he’s blamed too often when the team loses.

Fans are going to question Spezza’s resolve and attitude after this report. Will a new team really want to deal their assets for a guy who (according to some) is playing a tiny violin? As captain, you’d expect Spezza to be able to take comments from the media, which is likely where his comment is directed, a bit easier and not let them bother him.

The Senators are reportedly looking for at least one established NHL player in a potential deal involving Spezza. There have also been rumors that they want two draft picks, one being a high pick, to go along with the NHL skater. It’s a pretty steep price, but then you have to factor there will be quite a bit of posturing.


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