Report: Maple Leafs may trade for the top overall pick

The Toronto Maple Leafs may be looking to make a trade to move up in the 2014 NHL Draft, as reported by the Ottawa Sun. Holding the 8th selection in this year’s draft, it’s widely speculated that the organization wants to acquire an earlier pick in order to select one of the players ranked as a top-3 prospect.

You may recall the rumor stating the Florida Panthers have been shopping their top overall pick, so a trade wouldn’t be too surprising. What would it take for the Panthers to give up the number one pick? Those details haven’t come to light, but it’s safe to say it’d take a pretty big offer considering the Panthers need a big return in order to stabilize their disappointing franchise.

The report from the Ottawa Sun outlines a deal where Toronto would send Dion Phaneuf, Nazem Kadri and their eighth overall pick to the Panthers in exchange for the top pick in the draft and defenseman Ed Jovanovski. It’s kind of odd that Jovanovski, a man about to turn 38, would be involved in a deal, but that’s the rumor.

Who would the Maple Leafs select first in the draft? The story goes that they’d take Aaron Ekblad in an effort to round out their young, yet talented defense.

Do you think this trade will come to fruition? Florida dealing away their pick wouldn’t be very surprising, but it’s difficult to envision the trade above unfolding as it’s currently stated.

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