Report: Teemu Selanne may return to the KHL

Teemu Selanne may not be ready to hang up his skates quite yet. At age 44, Selanne recently retired from the NHL, but a report from suggests he’s considering an offer from Jokerit to join the club for their first season in the KHL.

Via a rough Google translation of, here’s what Selanne had to say:

“Of course, it would be nice to go back on the ice again. But not all so simple. In the next three weeks will take a decision.”

Selanne also discussed Jokerit, the Finnish club he started his career with back in 1987, and their jump to the KHL.

Will Selanne actually return? One Finnish writer believes he will and that he may have more of a part-time role with the team.

A cameo with the team he started with makes a lot of sense. In fact, it’ll make the Disney movie about his career (yes, there should be one) that much sweeter if he’s able to play an influential role in Jokerit’s first year in the KHL. It’s safe to say Jokerit would jump at the chance to welcome Selanne back as it’d mean another experienced, talented forward and a boost in attendance and revenue.

What can Selanne contribute on the ice at age 44? As crazy as it may seem, we may soon have the chance to find out.

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