Rumor: Sabres may or may not trade Ryan Miller

The Olympics are over. You know what that means, don't you? It means more Ryan Miller rumors, of course! 

The latest rumor to hit the Internet surrounding Miller's future in Buffalo is a little bit different than you might expect. This one suggests that Buffalo will hold on to their goaltender and will focus on signing him to a new contract as opposed to trading him before the deadline on March 5th.

Let's first consider the source. Lawton skated in 483 NHL games and briefly served as the General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He's currently an NHL agent. 

The source here is pretty decent, but let's all keep in mind that this is the season of misinformation. Wouldn't it be in Buffalo's best interest to make it seem like Miller isn't available in order to drive up his price? A team never wants to look too eager to trade away their best asset. Considering just about every hockey fan is aware Miller is allegedly an option at the deadline, why wouldn't the team let a bit of "information" leak out that might contradict that fact in the hopes of driving Miller's price a bit higher?

Then there's this…

In other words, don't let this Tweet convince you that Buffalo is going to ignore offers for their netminder. What's going to happen? That's anyone's guess. In traditional situations we'd all assume Miller is as good as traded, but this is Buffalo – the land of confusing roster decisions. 

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