Steve Mason is back practicing after breaking his finger

Steve Mason broke his finger while playing ball hockey earlier this summer. At the time, it seemed like the Flyers were going to have to endure yet another costly injury at the start of a new season. Thankfully for the Flyers, Mason’s injury wasn’t as severe as some feared and he has already returned to the ice.

Why do these injuries always seem to target the Flyers? Was there some sort of curse we’re not aware of? Mason’s injury should be a non-issue come the start of the year, but it’s yet another reminder of how a team’s chances can change in a hurry heading into a new season.

There are still plenty of questions surrounding Mason and whether or not he’s the real deal after several disappointing years and one impressive stint with the Flyers in the playoffs, but at least he’s on track to be 100% in time for training camp.

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