Texas DMV may eliminate Dallas Stars license plates

The days of Dallas Stars fans being able to support their team through their license plate may be coming to an end. The Texas DMV is currently eliminating specialty license plates which fail to meet the criteria of 200 buyers a year. Apparently the Dallas Stars’ plate falls into the category of plates which have little interest.

Via the Dallas News, the Stars are one of 87 license plates which don’t meet the new standard. Stars fans may be able to save their plates, but it’s going to be difficult. They’ll need to round up fans to buy plates beginning December 1st. From there, the plate will need to have 200 buyers over 12 months. However, that number may only be temporary as a new contract from the DMV may raise the total to 240 buyers in a year.

The article mentions that the Houston Rockets, NASCAR, Ford and Dr. Pepper are other plates which may be eliminated.

It’s unclear whether the Stars’ recent logo and color change had anything to do with the low volume of plates. It’s safe to assume fans who had an original plate with the original logo/colors (if there is such a plate) probably didn’t update to the new look. From there, it looks like there hasn’t been much interest from new buyers.

Stars fans can still save their plate, but it isn’t going to be easy.

(Photo via Dallas News)

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