The Toronto Maple Leafs expressed interest in Martin Brodeur

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been a fascinating team to follow when it comes to goaltending. The constant debate between Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer was one of the most interesting and dumbfounding situations to follow. To make matters even more intriguing, Toronto GM Brenden Shanahan has confirmed they’ve been interested in Martin Brodeur.

Oh my, this is rich. With Reimer still needing a new contract and Bernier about to play in the final year of his current contract, the Maple Leafs have an unsettled crease. Why not add a 42-year-old goaltender who is years removed from his prime? Surely a move like this will settle down fans of the Maple Leafs and give them confidence in the team’s goaltending.

In all seriousness, the whole concept is silly. The Maple Leafs need to figure out their defense and goaltending in order to improve on their lousy average of goals allowed per game (3.06). Is Brodeur the answer? Of course not. He’ll probably be picked up by a team which may need a backup or some veteran experience to help train the youth, but Toronto doesn’t seem like a fit.

Brodeur looked very much his age in 2013-14. Common sense says that he’ll be a bit slower and his age will continue to show more and more in 2014-15. Right now he’s on the fringe of NHL relevance, which makes it kind of hilarious that Toronto – a team desperately needing stability and confidence in net – is interested in his services.

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