Thomas Vanek may be connected to a federal gambling investigation

Thomas Vanek appears to be connected to a federal gambling investigation currently taking place in New York. A report from WHEC suggests that Vanek is involved with a case involving The Marina Restaurant & Bar, located in Rochester, New York.

The report details that Vanek voluntarily visited a federal court house with his lawyer, but isn’t personally being charged.


“In a phone conversation, Bartlett said Vanek is simply a witness in a federal case. He wouldn’t say which one. Bartlett said Vanek is not the target of anything, he is not under suspicion and has done nothing wrong. 

Bartlett says Vanek was at the federal court building Monday to talk to someone about his role as a witness.”

Interesting. It looks like Vanek is personally innocent of any illegal activity, but it’s not particularly surprising to see an athlete with a lot of money closely connected to an illegal gambling case. Still, the investigation does involve some company the Minnesota Wild wouldn’t be pleased to hear their new forward has been connected with in the past. The restaurant’s co-owners and another individual are being charged with 23 counts of illegal gambling.

As you’d imagine, Vanek and his lawyer aren’t saying much. The ol’ “No comment” response ruled the day when reporters met up with the two outside of court. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this pans out.

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