Arizona Coyotes willing to trade third overall pick

The Arizona Coyotes own the third overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, but the team is open to changing that fact. All of the attention has been on the top-2 picks in the draft which will be used on Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel, but what about the third pick? This year’s draft has plenty of depth and the Coyotes are open to giving up their valuable third overall pick if the price is right.

The third overall pick lacks the excitement of the top-2 selections, but it should still grant the holder an outstanding young player. That’s something the Coyotes could use, but they realize they may be able to grab a small ransom should a team want to move up in the draft.

What would it take for the Coyotes to move their pick?

No surprise that it’d take a lot to obtain the third overall pick in an exciting draft, but it’s not clear what the Coyotes are expecting in a potential deal. The Coyotes have holes all over their lineup, so they could aim to find help in any number of areas.

Three teams have already inquired and it’s safe to assume others will join them. The Pittsburgh Penguins have announced they’d like to acquire a first-round pick, but the third overall pick might be out of their price range. A team will have to offer a ton to make the Coyotes give up their pick, but it sounds like the organization is willing to make a deal.

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