Billy Idol wasn’t exactly sure what the Winter Classic was

Billy Idol was certainly a questionable choice to play at the Winter Classic. The NHL has routinely demonstrated they have no clue what’s going on when it comes to music and they provided yet another example by giving Idol a short segment during one of the league’s marquee events.

Aside from the hilarious Tweets and posts from hockey fans ranting about the awful music and the fact the NHL is stuck in the past, the most amusing aspect of the Idol experiment may have been the fact the singer didn’t even know what the Winter Classic was.

To fairly set the scene, it’s important to know that Idol’s comments came during a New Year’s Eve gala close to midnight, so we may be able to give him the benefit of the doubt.


That would’ve been the best Idol moment had the rock star not made this announcement at the NHL gala near midnight: “Looking forward to tomorrow’s final! Or whatever it is.”

The fans who mocked the decision to have Idol perform will have a field day with that one. It also calls into question what non-NHL fans think of the event and whether they too think it carries a larger significance than it actually does.

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