Curtis Glencross regrets taking discount to stay with Flames

Athletes are usually commended for taking a “hometown discount” in order to stay with a specific team. Curtis Glencross took such a contract when he accepted a four-year, $10.2 million contract with the Calgary Flames back in 2011. Fans were thrilled to see Glencross locked in at such an affordable rate, but the 32-year-old forward regrets his old contract.

Glencross spoke with the Calgary Sun and discussed what he would do differently if given the opportunity.

“If I could do it again … as much as I love (Calgary) and call it home and met great people, at the same time, when it’s time for you to cash in, you have to take advantage and cash in. You can’t take a pay-cut or hometown discount because things change.”

When he accepted the deal with the Flames in 2011, it was believed he was looking for around $4 million per year. He ended up signing a contract which paid an average of $2.55 million a year. Glencross’ stats started trailing off during the run of his four-year contract and he now sits as a forward without a contract as the 2015-16 season looms in the future.

Glencross is still hopeful a team will come calling, but he has stated he doesn’t want to bounce around from professional tryout to professional tryout. However, he’s aware that other players are in his same position and teams are squeezed under the cap.

“There are a lot of free agents out there still that should still be playing. I’m still kind of in shock at what’s going on right now.”

Regardless, Glencross wishes he would have cashed in (though the average person would jump at a $2 million plus contract) when he had the chance.

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