NHL Analytics Power Rankings: 3/16

These rankings shows which teams are trending up and down based on the past week’s play. What goes into this ranking? Shot attempts for percentage, offensive/defensive zone starts, goals for percentage, scoring chances for percentage and puck luck are the elements of this analytic power ranking. Last week’s NHL Analytics Power Rankings can be found here. Keep in mind that based on the 2013-14 NHL season, 13 out of 16 playoff teams ranked in the top 16 of these same analytics power rankings.

Some Thoughts

Teams  currently sitting in eight in the lower playoff spots in the league, which includes the Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins need to be looking over their shoulders and picking up their play. All four of these teams are sitting at 15th in this ranking or below. While a couple teams looking to steal a spot in the Ottawa Senators and Los Angeles Kings are sitting in the number one and two spots this week.

For the Kings and Senators they both ranked in the top of the league in regards to Scoring Chances For Percentage (over 56%) and Shooting Percentage (over 8.5%). You don’t need me to tell you that is a dangerous combination. Along with those numbers they were also among the league leaders in Zone Starts percentage (over 53%) which indicates they started the majority of their shifts in the offensive zone. It also pays to have solid goaltending, in fact the goalies for these teams were above 94% save percentage. That combined with their elite possession (L.A. led the league with over 60% of the shot attempts for in their three games this past week) and offensive numbers made for a great week for their fans. On the flip side the Jets, Flames and Bruins did not see such favorable numbers.NHLanalyticranking0302

For the Jets, they were largely let down by their goaltending this week. Sporting 53% shot attempts for, over 51% zone starts and a 9.1% shooting percentage usually translates to wins. However the goaltending was atrocious with a 83.4 save percentage. They need some help from their goalies if they expect to give their fans post season hockey for the first time since their return to Winnipeg.

Unlike Winnipeg the Bruins have their elite goaltending to thank for any success last week where they gave the team a 96.4 save percentage. The Bruins shot attempts for, scoring chances for, zone starts were all below 45% and their shooting percentage was around 4%. These are no longer the “Big Bad Bruins” that won the 2011 Stanley Cup and were among the NHL’s elite since then. The Bruins have become a mediocre team and are in danger of slipping into non-playoff status.

The Flames continue to defy the odds and rode a 14% shooting percentage along with a 92.8 save percentage last week. However their shot attempts for, zone starts and scoring chances for were all below 47% last week.

Top Three Teams By…

Shot Attempts For: Los Angeles (60.2%), Dallas (58.8%), Florida (56.9%).

Scoring Chances For: Dallas (60.6%), Ottawa (60.4%), Minnesota (58.8%).

Offensive Zone Starts: Pittsburgh (60%), Washington (59.6%), Chicago (58.7%).

Shooting Percentage: Calgary (14%), Minnesota (12.1%), Los Angeles (9.7%).

Save Percentage: New York Rangers (97.8%), Boston and Tampa Bay (96.8%).

Goals For Percentage: New York Rangers (80%), Ottawa (72.7%), Minnesota (66.7%).

Top Three Teams by Rank Moving…

Up: Rangers, Ducks and Kings.

Down: Sharks, Devils and Leafs.


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