NHL Analytics Power Rankings: 3/25

These rankings shows which teams are trending up and down based on the past week’s play. What goes into this ranking? Shot attempts for percentage, offensive/defensive zone starts, goals for percentage, scoring chances for percentage and puck luck are the elements of this analytic power ranking. Last week’s NHL Analytics Power Rankings can be found here. Keep in mind that based on the 2013-14 NHL season, 13 out of 16 playoff teams ranked in the top 16 of these same analytics power rankings.

Hot in Oil Country

Despite being in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes the Edmonton Oilers appear to be figuring out how they need to play under interim Head Coach Todd Nelson. They jumped 14 spots from last week into sixth place. Even more impressive is that the Oilers did not rely on a hot goaltender to get to this spot receiving only a 87.7 save percentage on the week. They also did not rely solely on high percentage shooting with their 8.6 shooting percentage only ranking them 10th overall in the NHL last week.

So how did they have such a good week? When you look at their percentages of shot attempts for (54.2%), scoring chances for (54.2%) and offensive zone starts (56%) it is clear that they played a solid team game over the course of the past week. Granted their opponents in the Blue Jackets, Flyers and the Jets are not the most intimidating, however this is progress being made and Oilers fans must be excited to see it finally!Untitled picture

Sens winning even without the Hamburglar

The Ottawa Senators are in a fight for their playoff lives and have revived themselves off the scrap heap. Much of this has been attributed to the strength of their goaltending recently, however this past week that came back down to earth with just a 91.8 save percentage. That is still a respectable number but it does rank in the bottom half of the league over the course of the last week.

The Senators need to get more credit for playing a solid, if unspectacular, brand of hockey. With 51.4% of the shot attempts for, 52.3% of the scoring chances and 59.2% offensive zone starts the Senators are doing all the right things. If Ottawa makes the playoffs they are looking more and more like a tough out in the first round for a higher seeded opponent.

Bruins slipping into hibernation?

After being ranked 28th last week the Boston Bruins really needed a solid week of play as they are in a struggle for the final playoff spot in the East. They did move up 15 spots to 13th in the rankings, however this was not enough. But fear not Bruins fans, there is good news to be had here. The Bruins struggled mightily with just a 4.9 shooting percentage and a 88.6 save percentage over the course of this past week. While their analytics show that they deserved a better fate.

The Bruins dominated shot attempts for (55.8%), scoring chances for (55.6%) and offensive zone starts (56.9%). These are all signs that the Bruins are playing well enough to make the playoffs but their goaltending and luck on shots needs to improve a great deal or this could be an early summer for the team.

Top Three Teams By…

Shot attempts for: Anaheim Ducks (58.3%), Carolina Hurricanes (57.9%) and the Nashville Predators (56.6%).

Offensive zone starts: Pittsburgh Penguins (61.2%), Los Angeles Kings (59.3%) and the Ottawa Senators (59.2%).

Goals for percentage: Dallas Stars (77.8%), Tampa Bay Lightning (71.4%) and the Montreal Canadiens (66.7%).

Top Three Teams by Rank Moving

Up: Montreal, San Jose and Boston.

Down: Chicago, Carolina, St. Louis.

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