Ryan Getzlaf calls out Alexander Ovechkin for diving

The Washington Capitals toppled the Anaheim Ducks 5-3 on Sunday, fueled by two goals from Alexander Ovechkin. Following the game, Ryan Getzlaf wasn’t too happy with the result and he also wasn’t pleased with the way Ovechkin played out on the ice. Specifically, Getzlaf called Ovechkin out for diving all over the ice.

Here’s one of the plays that Getzlaf is talking about. It looks like Getzlaf’s slash misses Ovechkin – or perhaps grazes him at best – which sends Ovie tumbling. Getzlaf immediately went over to Ovechkin and called him out for his dive. The two nearly came to blows, but the officials made sure things didn’t escalate further.

The NHL has publicly fined several players for diving this season, so we’ll have to wait and see if Ovechkin is added to that list after this incident. It’s also worth noting that Washington coach Barry Trotz has been publicly critical of divers this season, but we have yet to see how he responds when one of his players embellishes.

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