An anonymous NHL GM had a weird pregnancy analogy for trading top picks

Every season, the NHL trade deadline brings out plenty of the usual statements and analogies from players and general managers. It’s as if the league handed everyone the same script. As teams issue their various statements about their intentions ahead of the deadline, one anonymous general manager made a rather bizarre analogy for trading away top draft picks.

Who doesn’t compare being a contender to a woman being a little pregnant?

If you can’t read the screenshot, here’s the direct quote:

“If you’re looking to get pregnant, you don’t deal your first. But if you’re already a little pregnant and are hoping for twins, you’re more likely to make a move. And if you’re a team like the Hawks, dealing a first in order to have quadruplets [four Stanley Cups in seven seasons], you make the deal.”

Wait, what? The GM is trying to say that if you’re already a Cup contender you’re more likely to deal a first-round pick, but that was one strange way to phrase it. The Chicago Blackhawks have proven that you can assemble a contender without top draft picks, but it’s doubtful anyone would call them a “little pregnant” during their recent Cup runs.

Any guesses which GM made this statement? Who is the most out of touch with how pregnancy works? You can rule out Stan Bowman of the Blackhawks, but we can only speculate which GM out there is comparing draft picks and Cup runs to having children.

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