Bizarre: Canucks publicly announce they want to trade Chris Higgins

Traditionally when a team wants to make a trade, fans may hear rumors about a deal but the team won’t confirm their intentions until either a deal is done or long after a deal falls through. The Vancouver Canucks have opted for a more public strategy and made it known that they want to trade Chris Higgins.

This is … interesting. Isn’t the more traditional method for a GM who wants to move a player to call up the other GMs around the league? It’s kind of strange seeing a team publicly announce that they aim to trade a player as it comes off as a look of desperation and could decrease trade value. Maybe they think they can stir up interest by making their motives extremely well known? Who knows what the motivation is, but you definitely won’t see a press release like this too often.

Higgins, 32, is being pushed out as the Canucks look to transition to younger players. Through 25 games this season, he has just two goals and one assist. It’s not a surprise to learn the Canucks want to bring in some youth and maybe make a change with Higgins, but the style in which they are approaching the situation is certainly unique.

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