Calgary Flames freeze season ticket prices due to poor economy

There are a few guarantees in life and one of those is that ticket prices to attend sporting events will inevitably rise every season. It’s a fact you come to accept if you purchase season tickets or if you regularly attend games. Regardless of record, you’re going to pay more to go to a game next season. That is, unless you’re a season ticket holder for the Calgary Flames.

The Flames, owners of one of the worst records in the NHL, won’t raise season ticket prices in 2016-17. Despite the ugly record and play on the ice, the true reason behind the price freeze is the uglier economy facing Flames fans.

Via the Calgary Sun:

“We thought it was the right thing to do,” said Flames VP of Sales, Ticketing and Customer Service, Rollie Cyr, hesitantly agreeing to discuss something that was only intended to be disseminated internally via season ticket renewal letters.

“We’re not blind to what’s going on in our economy. We’re looking after the consumer who has been our partner for a long time. Being a good corporate partner and citizen is important.”

That’s a bold and extremely impressive stance for the Flames to take, but it may make economical sense too. As smaller companies scale back on expenses, some season tickets won’t be renewed – especially if they’re going up in price. The Flames may come out ahead overall by keeping prices as they are than if they were to raise prices and see a bunch of season tickets go unsold. It’s also a great PR move.

Regardless, it’s a fantastic gesture by the Flames.

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