Connor McDavid liked Team North America experience, but wants to play for Canada

Team North America has been one of the best experiences of the entire World Cup. They are everything modern hockey should be and are filled with skill and speed no matter the situation. It makes for a very easy team to root for. Unfortunately, they were eliminated from the tournament due to a tie break.

[link_box id=”22277″ site_id=”17″ layout=”link-box-third” alignment=”alignright”]It still isn’t confirmed whether or not Team North America will be back for the next iteration of the World Cup, but one player has already stated that they would much rather play for their home country.

In a conversation with the Toronto Sun, Connor McDavid stated his intentions four years from now.

“Honestly, for me in four years, I definitely hope I can represent my country, you only get a few chances to wear the Canadian logo and represent your country in events like this in best-on-best.”

“When you grow up I don’t think I would want to represent Team North America twice and not have the opportunity to represent my country. I’m sure Auston and Jack would say the same thing.”

While he has a point, the complaints could mean the end of Team North America in future tournaments. As the NHL looks back on what works and what doesn’t, it has to realize that one of the best parts was the “young guns” team.

It has been discussed on multiple broadcasts that they could possibly figure out an exemption system to allow certain people to play on their national team. It would be a foolhardy proposition for them to do anything other than keep the team around. Hopefully McDavid’s comments help instead of hurt.

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