Creator of those awesome Blue Jackets game day posters is leaving the team

Anthony Zych, the creator of the Blue Jackets’ famous game day posters, announced that he was going to be leaving the team after the season ends.

Here are some examples of his best work:

Zych’s work was the lone bright spot in a terrible season for the Blue Jackets. The amount of good will and positive attention he brought to the team can’t be measured. It also brought a new aspect to fandom as well. Although these weren’t sold, plenty of people were collecting these posters and printing them off at home. It is the type of viral marketing people want but have no idea how to make. It was spontaneous and brilliant.

It is not yet known whether the poster series will continue for the Blue Jackets or leave with Zych. Regardless, this year can be remembered as a fun, new way for the NHL to market themselves. Will they take the hint and start to do this on a large scale?

That would make a little too much sense, wouldn’t it?

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