Dallas Stars break NHL record for most empty net goals in a season

The Dallas Stars have already punched their ticket to the playoffs and are focusing on the big, shiny prize which awaits after a grueling playoff run. Before the Stars can begin their quest for the Cup, they have to close out the regular season and they’re setting some records along the way.

Aside from hitting 100 points for the first time since 2006-07, the Stars made NHL history by scoring two empty net goals against the Nashville Predators. Those two empty netters brought the team’s total to 22 on the year, setting a new NHL record.

Patrick Sharp scored the first empty net goal for the Stars, but it didn’t take long for the Stars to claim the record as their own, thanks to Jamie Benn.

Here’s the new record:

The Stars still have some games left on the regular season calendar, so they may be able to pad their new record a bit before all is said and done.

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