Did the NHL miss the mark with their celebrity coaches?

Today the NHL announced that they would have celebrity coaches behind the benches for the All-Star Game and for some the announcement was underwhelming.

So to recap, the “celebrities” behind the bench are Dierks Bentley, Vince Gill, Chris Young and Charles Kelley. For a lot of you reading this, you probably responded with “Who? Why? Huh?”

Mind you the All-Star game is in Nashville, so these country music stars more than fit the bill for the town. More often than not these games are a service to the local fans than anything else and if they are going to enjoy these people then bully for them.

I on the other hand am going to break down each celebrity coach and tell you why you might know them and why you probably don’t know them.

Dierks Bentley

How you may know him:

This song won a Country Music Award for Video of the Year in 2014.

Why you probably don’t know him:

He hasn’t come out with a new album in almost two years. His first single from the new album is going to be coming out January 25th. Safe money says that this is a promotional move for Mr. Bentley.

Vince Gill

How you may know him:

Vince Gill won multiple awards for this song including Country Music Awards and Grammy’s. You may also know him because he wore a shirt proclaiming that Todd Bertuzzi was a “sissy”. Gill has been a season ticket holder for the Predators since day one.

Why you probably don’t know him:

His most relevant stuff was in the 90’s, long past the “new fans” frame of reference but he seems to be more of a hometown selection than anything else.

Chris Young

How you may know him:

When I was younger and trying to impress people that I knew something about country, this was one of my favorite songs. It sounds a lot like a real throwback to older country too. The song also got him nominated for a Grammy.

Why you probably don’t know him:

After starting off his career strong, he didn’t really come out with anymore hits until this past year. In the eyes of him and many in Nashville, this will probably be seen as part of his comeback into the country mainstream.

Charles Kelley:

How you may know him:

Charles Kelley is one of the lead singers of the band, Lady Antebellum. “Need You Now” was the debut song off of their album that hit number one across all genres.

Why you probably don’t know him:

After the band went on hiatus, everyone went off to go do their own solo ventures and Kelley’s journey thus far has been rocky. His debut album as a solo artist comes out in early February, so once again this may just be good PR for the singer.

Though you may not like country music, I just gave you a breakdown on each coach. Now if you want a breakdown on their coaching styles, well, you will need to look elsewhere. For those worried about the name recognition of the celebrities, don’t worry – I am sure Drake will show up when the All Star game is in Toronto.

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