Did the Wild make the right move firing Mike Yeo?

It was announced yesterday that Mike Yeo was fired as the coach of the Minnesota Wild. It wasn’t a very surprising move given what this season has been for the Wild. The team has vastly underperformed and haven’t played anywhere close to their potential and because of it Yeo was the casualty.

This was easily the worst year for the team thus far. Their winning percentage this year was the lowest it has been since Yeo took over. In the two years prior to 2015-16, the Wild made the second round of the playoffs only to be bounced out by the Blackhawks.

These points from Ryan Lambert are definitely interesting ones. Is the team just going through a bad streak right now or is this a problem with roster construction? It is a little bit of both and I guess it could be diagnosed as the coach not being up to snuff either. Yeo seems like he is a fine coach but I don’t think he is the coach to take them to the Stanley Cup. Do they have the players to get them there? Parise and Suter are good but outside of those two, they don’t really have any elite players on their team.

I am willing to bet that a coaching change is just the change they need to get over the hump. John Torchetti is the new coach for now and is going to bring a no nonsense attitude. Is that what the team needs? Only time will tell but for now it seems like the right move.

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