Does anyone care that the new NHL All-Star jerseys glow in the dark?

The list of great things that glow in the dark is very, very short. In fact, I can’t think of a single great thing that glows in the dark off the top of my head. That apparently doesn’t scare the NHL as they have decided to move forward with a glow-in-the-dark emblem on their All-Star Game sweater.

The jerseys themselves are rather bland and in fact are pretty devoid of color. If they wanted to display something vibrant and shimmering wouldn’t they want to use an iteration of last year’s jerseys?

What are we supposed to make out of this year’s jersey? They are a cash grab like everything else involved with the All-Star Game, but this seems eerily desperate. The league has obviously run out of ideas but why don’t they use these moments to expand involvement in different ways? If you have the resources to do something fun, why not do that?

Let the fans work on the jerseys. Let the fans choose the jerseys. It will lead to more goodwill than the league can imagine. For a league that has been in multiple lockouts over the past two decades, this should be used as an invaluable resource to them. It is a misstep that won’t come back to haunt them, but will only come off as tone deaf.

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