Ed Belfour auctions off gold medal for $34,777 to open distillery

In an effort to gain some funds to create a distillery with his son, former NHL goaltender Ed Belfour auctioned off 66 personal items of hockey memorabilia via auction, including his Olympic gold medal from the 2002 Salt Lake City Games.

Belfour never played in the 2002 Olympics as the third string goalie for team Canada behind Martin Brodeur and Curtis Joseph, but still earned a medal.

He discussed the decision to auction off his property with the CBC, saying that selling his memorabilia will give him a chance to start a new chapter in his life.

“It’s definitely hard to part ways with some of this stuff I’ve kept since high school,” Belfour said by phone from his home outside of Dallas this week.

“But I have the memories and I’ll never forget them,” he added. “This is a chance to get together with my son and start a business, the next chapter of our lives, and hopefully turn it into a world-class distillery where our bourbon is known all over the world.”

Belfour will get some income to help his endeavors, as the gold medal was auctioned off at $34,777. Two masks, one which he wore with the Chicago Blackhawks in the early 90’s and one which he wore with Dallas in 1999, sold for $15,307 and $7,853 respectively.

I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to part with all the memorabilia, but after a certain point, the trophies and jerseys just become more clutter. Belfour still holds the memories of experiencing the Olympics, even if he doesn’t have the Gold Medal to wear. With the money, he can create some new memories with his family.


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