Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 13

Happy New Year, hockey friends! How about we lead off 2016 with the latest installment of Hockey Tweets of the Week, our weekly feature which puts the spotlight on hockey players, writers and fans in the world of social media.

We’ll start in Buffalo, where the Sabres haven’t learned the first rule of playing the Capitals:

Don’t Leave Alex Ovechkin Alone

The Buffalo Sabres defensive schemes resemble five bees hopped up on Red Bull.

And in the overreaction of the week:

I hope you are also willing to pay for their therapy.

The Florida Panthers Are In First Place

And they’re selling out the arena!

This is not a drill.

And who do they have to thank for this? Great young players? Solid goaltending?

No, a Kevin Spacey sweater.

I’ve seen it all, now.

Speaking of the Panthers:

The Roberto Luongo Tweet Of The Week

It’s the “Roberto Luongo Tweet of the Year” … so far.

Home For The Holidays

George Parros took one look at a penalty box and got homesick.

Charlie Coyle Gets Slick

And makes Brendan Smith look silly in the process …

Poor Brendan Smith.

And Poor Rangers

The Rangers made their return from Christmas break, and it wasn’t a good one in a 5-3 loss to Nashville. Ranger fans railed on everything … including the music.

Save a Seat At The Crying Table For Vancouver

… who were embarrassed by the L.A. Kings 5-0 on Monday.

This looks familiar …

John Tortorella is Easily Distracted


I don’t think he knows how to react to victories anymore.

And Finally …

Happy New Year to you and yours.