Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 15

Hello tweetsters! It’s time to catch up on the social media craze that is NHL Twitter for Week 15. Now, if you’re sitting at home reading this and not hiring a financial consultant, then you probably didn’t win the $1.54 billion Powerball drawing on Wednesday. Puck Drunk Love would like to offer its condolences to you for having to go back to work. But for you Capitals fans, this is good news. Because Alex Ovechkin didn’t win either, so he has to go back to work and play for the Caps.

Yes, Alex Ovechkin played Powerball. At least 8 was one of the numbers.

Even on a Powerball ticket, Ovechkin can’t escape narrative.

But don’t feel bad, Alex. That puts you in the same company as pretty much the rest of the planet. One hockey fan/Powerball player had the perfect metaphor:

I wonder if Andrew MacDonald played Powerball …

The Oilers Get Trolled, Cross Sport Style

The Edmonton Oilers had a tough week, losing their last four games. It started on Friday in painful fashion as they lost 3-2 to Tampa Bay … where all three Lightning goals went in off Oiler skates:

That last tweet was from Phil Hughes … Minnesota Twins starting pitcher who led all of baseball in home runs given up. He’s trolling the Edmonton Oilers. I guess that’s how you know you’ve had a terrible week.

At least you can give points to Edmonton … if not in the standings, then to their social media team for turning their game with the Sharks on Thursday into a nostalgic trip to 80’s Saturday morning cartoons:

The A-Team? Nice touch.

Speaking of Cross Sport Activity And Terrible Weeks

St. Louis lost the Rams on Tuesday to Los Angeles as owner Stan Kroenke ripped the team from the clutches of their loyal fans for the allure of … you guessed it … more money. Lightning goalie Ben Bishop, who played for the Kirkwood Stars in suburban St. Louis, happened to be in Denver (where he was born) that same day to play Stan Kroenke’s hockey team: the Colorado Avalanche. Bishop shut them out 4-0. Just another game for Bishop? Made up narrative, you say?

Not this time.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis:

The Roberto Luongo Tweet Of The Week

The Florida Panthers saw their 12 game winning streak snapped this week … and in some sort of karmic injustice, it was Roberto Luongo who had the streak taken from his grasp by the team that wheeled him away: The Vancouver Canucks. In spite of having to suffer that indignity, Luongo’s alter ego “Strombone1” found a way to laugh about it:

The man’s photoshop game is as strong as his knowledge of current trends in memes. (Even if said meme has been overdone to death. But we’ll give Luongo a pass.)

Obligatory Jonathan Bernier Tweets

I’m really trying not to pick on Jonathan Bernier every week. But when you lose 7-0 to the Sharks as Bernier did last Saturday, the internet is going to react. But this time, they reacted to his heartless coach not having some mercy on him:

Okay, maybe not every tweet was in support of mercy.

That’s kinda wrong. Funny … but wrong.

And Finally…

I can’t think of a better way to end this than with possibly the weirdest hockey quote of the week.

At least he was referring to selfies and not sex tapes. Ewwwwwww.

Here’s some recent evidence …

Okay Ted Kardashian, please stop trying to break the internet. You’re only making the internet swat at you with its hand.