Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 16

Hello again everyone, it’s your guilty pleasure: The Hockey Tweets of the Week! You can call this the “John Scott Edition”, because let’s face it: There wasn’t a more social media friendly topic than whether John Scott was going to keep his spot on the All Star team, or lose it because he was traded out of the division, and essentially out of the league that he was voted to represent.

But first it was Hab fans wondering why John Scott was on the team at all:

Then there was the outrage over Scott losing his position on the team after he was “encouraged” to bow out earlier …

Turns out Scott didn’t need legal counsel, as common sense kicked in and Scott was reinstated due to “unique circumstances” (those being everyone complaining on social media … probably.)

You American fans will just have to Google Doug Glatt.

Or if television wants to go in a different direction …

Good to know that the actor is lined up for fictional demand of a live action version of Bob’s Burgers.

Wait For The Whistle

Steve Mason had an interesting moment on Thursday when he thought a goal was scored on him, so he went and drank his water. One problem: The Penguins didn’t actually score and play continued.

Steve Mason garners no sympathy in Philadelphia. (But really, who does?)

That’s not a good sign when even Mom isn’t on your side.

We all miss Bryz.

Two Sport Stars

Check out this great swing by Zack Smith of the Ottawa Senators:

Jean-Gabriel Pageau also has a second career waiting for him as a batting practice pitcher (or as the fifth starter for the Marlins). But Smith shows impressive form. Head down, kept the shoulder in, level swing … add it up and you get a line drive up the middle that probably destroyed an expensive camera. Good job!

But Smith’s hand eye coordination didn’t help them against the Devils on Friday.

(Editor’s note: That counts as your Roberto Luongo Tweet Of The Week until further notice.)


Matt Hendricks defines sacrifice:

Want proof that this probably hurt?

I’m not sure you can pay me enough.

And Finally …

This probably hurt less:

Take note, Torts.