Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 18

Yes kids, it’s another edition of Hockey Tweets of the Week! And this past week is probably the most twitter friendly of all the weeks of the season, as we have All-Star Weekend to look back on. And it was a pretty eventful weekend:

PK Jagr

Ya gotta love the Jaromir Jagr impression by PK Subban …

As for Jagr, well … he did love it!


You surely also saw Brent Burns as Chewbacca:

Makes you think how Chewy would do in other sports:

The Main Event

Well before John Scott was All-Star Game hero, he was All-Star Skills Competition Delegator. And Chewbacca wasn’t happy:

But then Scott scored two goals, led the Pacific Division to an All-Star Tournament victory, and everyone was happy.

He even had a rival team rooting for him:

And if there’s justice in this world, Scott will be immortalized with a video game cover:

The Roberto Luongo Tweets Of The Week

Yes, TWEETS! Plural! Because he had fun at All Star Weekend:

“I’ve fallen. And I’m going to get up to kick your ass … Luongo!” -Jaromir Jagr … maybe

Hopefully, he won’t fall victim to the same kind of skills slump that Home Run Derby contestants go through.

No net crashing in the All-Star Game, Roberto.

And for after the game, the NHL is pairing you with tampering charges.

There Were Other Games This Week

And Connor McDavid scored in one of them! Did you see it?

It left the Columbus Blue Jackets peering out their window hoping McDavid was actually gone …

Some, however, are unaware of McMania …


The Leafs Get A Makeover

Well, it isn’t so much a makeover as it’s somebody looking through the old logos, picking one out of the stack and saying: “let’s go with this.”

Why bother? The Oilers will just win the number one pick in the lottery again.

Dan Gilbert to sue for his patent on bitterness.

Like the Leafs would borrow anything that has maple syrup from Quebec …

Borje Salming was still active when the Simpsons debuted.

And the obligatory golf reference:


And Finally …

We go back to Strombone for the moment he found out the Florida Panthers were going to play in the Super Bowl:

Don’t be silly. Gerard Gallant is putting Barkov in the I formation. You’re playing fullback, Stroms.