Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 19

Welcome back kids! It’s your hockey twitter recap that you can’t live without: The Tweets of the Week. This past week, social media captured some truly bizarre happenings around the NHL. We’ll dive in slowly, as we explore an early week blowout which might have been the catalyst for a crazy mid-week transaction:

The Senators Blow Out Toronto

And yes, Leafs fans were predictably salty after last Saturday’s 6-1 drubbing by Ottawa:

Do we really want to subject Canada to that?

John Tortorella would tell you that you need to make better decisions.

Perhaps the big loss convinced the Leafs that they need to blow the whole thing up. Enter the winners of such game, perhaps convinced by that win that they’re good enough and close enough to make a move. It was a match made in Canadian heaven. But you wouldn’t believe which team’s fan base was happy about it:

Dion Phaneuf Goes To Ottawa

Don’t get Toronto excited now. The last time that happened they wound up losing in six to the Royals.

And then there were your obligatory shots at Phil Kessel …

Look Phil, for the last time: Primanti Brothers sandwiches are way too messy to throw.

As for Phaneuf’s start in Ottawa, well …

Kevan Miller Trends For The Wrong Reasons

The Kings scored 9 goals on Tuesday. Three of them went off the stick of Kevan Miller, like this one, for example

The city of Boston responded with kindness and sympathy. As they always do.

Or biting sarcasm. That works too.

But will Jonathan Bernier be the goalie?

Or sent to Mars for hockey expansion.

Steven Stamkos Stalked for All to See

This is a little creepy:

But at least the stalker was honest about it …

This is like that movie “Phone Booth”. Except instead of a sniper, it’s Brendan Shanahan with a contract.

The Roberto Luongo Tweet of the Week

Well it sure as hell seems that way this week.


Evander Kane Unifies The Heavyweight Division

According to some guy you might have heard of, he’s a little better than Piston Hurricane:

Guys named Evander have to stick together.

Well someone has a second career lined up.

Oh Yeah, I Forgot About Zenon Konopka

But Zenon Konopka didn’t forget about his former coach Mike Yeo. And as the Wild struggle, Konopka made his feelings on Yeo’s job security known on twitter through a representative … his pet rabbit:

The rabbit’s involvement broke Yeo’s heart:

Who knew rabbits had such dark hearts?

And Finally …

He has a ways to go to break Bruce Driver’s career record of 23.