Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 20

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. It’s the Hockey Tweets of the Week. And guys … we have a problem here. It’s week 20, and there is a very real chance that the playoffs , which will arrive very soon, will be missing an entire region of the world:


Seriously guys, there are seven Canadian based franchises, and none of them currently are in a playoff spot. None of them are even close. We all know about the Leafs, who endured a 7-2 loss to Chicago this week:

But the Montreal Canadiens were getting killed 6-2 on the same night by Arizona:

But the Canadian social media suffering wasn’t limited to just Montreal and Toronto:

At Least Matt Moulson Didn’t Tank On Purpose … I Think

Matt Moulson has had a rough go of it this season. He saw a goal scoring drought of 50 games end this week, much to the delight of Twitter.

Some even saw it coming:

It’s like how animals can predict earthquakes.

Well, he tries.

Some Advice For Dennis Wideman

Poor Dennis Wideman. His 20 game suspension was upheld, mainly because of a text that he sent to a teammate about “the stupid refs” and “the stupid media”. Devils beat guy Tom Gulitti has some sage advice for Wideman:

Best Use Of Creepy Clown Graphics In A Tweet

This goes to the Dallas Stars as they wished their head coach a happy birthday:

Then Lindy Ruff complained that the clown should have gotten a game misconduct.

Worse Use Of A Reverse Pike

By Joseph Blandisi:

9.2 … the Russian judge was tough.

The Roberto Luongo Tweet Of The Week

And boy, I hope this is a true account:

Of course, it might not have been Roberto Luongo. It might have been Al Montoya. People have mistaken one for the other:

Or just do a Google Image search.

And Finally …