Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 21

Welcome welcome. It’s time once again for Puck Drunk Love’s Hockey Tweets of the Week. Social media is burning, kids. And we’re here to put the flame out. We’ll start out with an old favorite:

The Roberto Luongo Tweet of the Week

Strombone1 celebrated Jaromir Jagr’s latest milestone at the beginning of the week: His 742nd goal which passed Brett Hull for third on the all time goal scoring list. You know, Jaromir is going to have to start thinking about life after hockey. I know he wants to play until he’s fifty. But at some point, he’ll need a new career.

That’s a great idea. And forget the Czech Republic, he could run in our election in the States and probably win. I know we have those pesky rules about having to be born here. But we could put those aside just this one time, right?

Emotions Run High … Sort Of

Reaction to Michal Rozsival’s game misconduct in the Stadium Series game was swift and severe.

Okay, that one was just swift. But this one …

That was severe. I’m a Ranger fan and I thought that was severe. Not that I didn’t think it sometimes, but I think I might actually pour the water on him and save him from burns.

Welcome Back Andrew Ladd

Did you hear that Andrew Ladd was traded back to the Chicago Blackhawks? Twitter did.

All of Chicago’s sports teams had a decent day:

But haters gonna hate, and Winnipeg is doing most of the hating.

And in one especially heartbreaking tweet:

Innocence … crushed like a bug.

You Might Have Missed This

It wasn’t so much that the Toronto Maple Leafs have started their fire sale, but in an under appreciated move (if by “under appreciated” you mean “barely noticed”), the Leafs took back Raffi Torres. You remember Torres, the guy who has been suspended for about 5,700 games by Brendan Shanahan.

Here’s the best part, the Leafs are paying Raffi Torres to play in the minors … for the Sharks’ affiliate. He’s been “loaned” there, which is code for “we don’t even have a spot for you on the Marlies and if we did, we wouldn’t want you to poison the minds of our young players.”

But the good people of Toronto are still having fun …

And Finally …

Breaking news out of Montreal: