Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 22

Hello friends, we are back again to bring you the best in NHL social media. That’s right kids, it’s the Tweets of the Week, back again to warm the cockles of your collective hearts. You could probably call this the trade deadline edition of TOTW, because there was a lot of reaction to all the new faces in new places.

Stevie Y Gets Sneaky

Is that the reason why Steve Yzerman played in the Alumni Game in Colorado … to talk trade with Brendan Shanahan?

At the very least, fans got to experience some 90’s nostalgia, which I hear is big now …

And speaking of the Wings/Avalanche Alumni Game …

The snow was a little too fake:

The Blackhawks Have Traded For Your Soul

Along with the souls of everybody else in the National Hockey League. Oh, and Dale Weise too:

That Stan Bowman is pretty persuasive …

I hear he’s pretty good.

The Curious Case Of James Reimer

Reimer escaped from Toronto as he was dealt to the San Jose Sharks.

Harsh, dude.

But the best was when James Reimer’s agent shot down a Toronto reporter regarding Reimer’s contract demands:

Brotherly Love

Eric Staal joins his brother in New York. Hockey fans weren’t cynical at all:

You cut me deep.

And Then, Deadline Day …

And The Aftermath:

Somebody Was Too Busy Making Trades To Shave

Marc Bergevin is changing the game … in not shaving:

That may, sadly, be the closest thing to a Montreal playoff beard this summer.

Apparel Wars

The Team North America World Cup sweaters are probably the most divisive threads ever.

You either loved them …

Or …

Dear Adidas,

I’d wear that one.

The Roberto Luongo Tweet Of The Week

Our friend Strombone One didn’t make the cut for Team Canada for the WC. He was hoping, much in the same way that there is an Under 23 team, for a special team that would take him:

Yeah. He’s “kidding”. Sure.

And Finally …

I know, Hank. I’m sad that Hockey Tweets are over too. But we’ll be back next Friday!