Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 23

Welcome back, everybody! We are back with the hockey tweets of the week. This week, we start out with a very interesting development in the music world. That’s right … music. See, the San Jose Sharks changed their goal song for this season after years of the same old, same old. Here’s what they came up with:

Okay. All well and good (though that drum riff at the end had a comedy club feel to it). But amidst complaints of being too generic (not to mention the sound system not being so great which would hurt any song), the Sharks are trying again as they’ve given their fans a list of songs to choose from

… including this custom made doozy:

Well it certainly sounds like something that rhymes with “Sharks”. Cue the reaction:

I guess that’s … bad?

12″ remix or nothing.

When The League Hits Cruise Control

How long, exactly, does it take a professional sports league to hear an appeal to reverse a 20 game suspension? Well if that league is the NHL, about 19 games and counting.

P.S. Wideman’s suspension has been reduced to ten games, after serving 19 games.

Must be that common core math.

The Not-So-Great Outdoors

The NHL announced next season’s slate of outdoor games this past week, bringing the total to four. While three of the games are in new venues, they feature Detroit and Chicago, who have played in about 48 outdoor games each (I lost count.) And the fourth game is Flyers/Penguins … in Heinz Field. If any venue should have gotten a second crack first, it should have been Fenway Park before a non-descript football stadium. But I digress, because twitter kinda feels the same way:

Well they’re having one in Winnipeg, so the Timbits might be hard enough to use as pucks.

Only if the game features Ilya Bryzgalov.

The Roberto Luongo Tweet Of The Week

In the absence of an actual tweet from Roberto Luongo tweet, a years old slam against Mike Milbury works just as well:

Milbury, by the way, gets paid to analyze the sport.

And Finally …

It was Dallas Stars picture day this week. One twitter response to that won all of the “awwwwwwws”:

Consider your heart warmed.