Hockey Tweets of the Week – Week 25

Welcome all to Hockey Tweets of the week. Pull up a chair and join us. Or take a seat on the sofa … oh, it’s the one that hasn’t been stripped of the cover to make a suit.

Don Cherry South

You might remember Rick DiPietro from his Islander career, which featured many millions of dollars, and almost as many injuries. Well DiPietro is now a game day analyst for the Islanders, and he’s taken to wearing some crazy suits, a la Don Cherry. This one, worn on Wednesday, was calculated as the Islanders had lost four straight games going into the game against the Ottawa Senators. DiPietro called this model his “slumpbuster”:

Yeah, but he’s rich. And whether you question why a man with that much money would buy a suit like that, it worked. The Islanders beat the Senators 3-1.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Poor Senators can’t even beat a team armed with a four game losing streak and a suit worn by a hobbling former goaltender.

David Letterman is almost three times as old as the Senators, so there’s that too.

Flying Away With Our Playoff Spot

The Philadelphia Flyers’ late charge towards the playoffs took a hit this week when they gave up two late shorthanded goals to the Columbus Blue Jackets before losing in overtime. If they lose the playoffs by a point, look no further than that game.

As a buddy of mine likes to say: Twitter had no chill.

No, that’s not how the Jordan Meme works …

That’s better.

That’s even better.

The Roberto Luongo Tweets Of The Week

That’s right, multiple tweets as he makes a trip into one of his favorite places on earth on Thursday … BOSTON!

And then … this happened:

Flat on your stomach is as good a position to taunt from as any.

I’m not sure steroids makes you taunt ex-teammates … but sure. Get out the pee cup.

Watch Out For The SportChek Logo

On ice advertisements are evil. Watch one of them trip P.A. Parenteau:

I look at that last one and I think “how cool would it be if Morgan Freeman narrated Parenteau’s trip?”

And Finally …

The sentiment is good enough, but calling somebody a black hole of something, and then using hashtag NASA is next level trolling.