Hurricanes owner: “I assure you this team is not going to Quebec”

It’s a distinct possibility the NHL could return to Quebec as there’s been ongoing talk about the league expanding into the former home of the Nordiques.

There’s been chatter in order to facilitate the expansion, the Hurricanes could move from Carolina to Quebec, which has been denied by deputy commissioner Bill Daly. Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos also threw water on the reports of a potential move, saying his team isn’t going to Quebec as he’s happy with the market.

“I assure you this team is not going to Quebec,” Karmanos told Le Journal de Quebec. (Quotes translated by Sportsnet.) “I’m not saying that because I have anything against Quebec but because we have commitments here. We have an excellent lease, I love this arena, and I’m deeply attached to this market.”

Karmanos told Le Journal de Quebec that if he sells the team, it’s going to stay in Carolina.

The Hurricanes are last in the NHL in attendance this season, drawing just over 12,000 fans a game. The team’s attendance numbers have plummeted over the last two seasons, but that’s largely due to the on-ice product not generating many wins. The Hurricanes are on the rise and on the right track going forward, but with only 35 wins this year, they’re not exactly a current must-watch team.

Unless Karmanos is bluffing – and there’s not much reason to believe he is – don’t expect the Hurricanes to move to Quebec anytime soon.


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