Jaromir Jagr is working out while you’re sleeping

Jaromir Jagr’s training regimens are almost the thing of legend. Stories of him training after games and being given keys to the arena so he can arrive before everyone else to workout are likely a big reason why he’s still so effective in the NHL at age 44.

Another secret to his success? Working out while the opponent is sleeping.


Here’s a rough translation of what Jagr is saying in his Facebook post:

1:30 in the morning, still working smile emoticon ended the game, but I still have enough energy, so I went to the gym smile emoticon playoffs coming up, so I gotta be ready, I don’t want to embarrass…. And I added one more vest, so cvičim with two (one is for the kids) :)))…. Poor Veronica, must to me wait that long, but I did make it in the summer smile emoticon….. You know that if you want to be better than the opponent, you have to work (train), When He’s asleep.. All rivals – good night.:))))

To recap: Jagr is working out at 1:30am with two weight vests … after a game!

The Panthers beat the Flyers on Saturday night and Jagr had just over 18 minutes of time on the ice. While most – if not all – players would head home and rest, Jagr is back at it at 1:30am. His motivation? To not embarrass himself in the playoffs which are quickly approaching.

Jagr has been an inspiration to young hockey players, but now it’s easy to see the quote (Train when your opponent is asleep) above appearing on motivational workout posters for athletes of any sport.

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