John Scott wants a hat trick in the All Star Game

John Scott has been jerked around by the NHL after being voted into the All-Star game in a fan-vote campaign. Still, Scott has embraced the opportunity and told the National Post’s Michael Traikos that he’ll try to score some goals to make fans happy.

“I’ll pick every corner of the net,” Scott said of the accuracy competition. “I guarantee I’ll be good. I think they’ll be trying to get me goals. I’ll be sure to tell them before the game, ‘Let’s get the big guy goals.’ I’ll get a hat trick and everyone will be like ‘Oh wow.’”

Scott didn’t mince words about the All-Star game experience in previous years, saying nobody watches it and that it’s a joke.

“It’s been like a joke,” Scott said of the All-Star Game. “Last year, everyone got wasted for the (All-Star Game fantasy) draft. No one watches it. It’s funny — I’ll bet they get decent ratings this year because that’s what everyone is talking about. Everyone wants to see the big goon and see how he does.”

He’s got a point. Nobody really cares anymore as the All-Star game has become a running joke to fans – hence why Scott was voted into the game in the first place. Fans wanted to see something different, and thankfully have been granted a wish.

Scott said it’s nice to be voted in as a fourth line guy, and admitted the event is probably a one-time deal.

“This is probably a one-time deal for me and I don’t think (the league will) let it happen again,” he said. “But it’s nice to kind of make everyone stop and think and say, ‘There’s other players in the NHL other than the top-tier guys.’ It’s a lot harder to be a fourth-line guy than a first-line guy.”

To me, John Scott is the only reason I’ll even consider tuning into the game, so I’m glad he’s having so much fun with things. A hat-trick would be icing on the cake.

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