Predators “comfortable” not making any trades

The Nashville Predators are a team trying to find their identity as the trade deadline approaches. That statement rings true for many teams around the NHL, but the Predators are publicly discussing their intentions when it comes to make any transactions prior to the cutoff. In summary, the club is more than content to stand pat at the deadline with the hopes consistency will finally be found internally.

Predators GM David Poile spoke with The Tennessean and divulged some pretty interesting information.

Poile spoke on the need to find consistency with the current group and how that’s the first priority before any trades can be made.

“I think before I go outside the organization, I just think we need to get the consistency that we unfortunately have not had all year long. I truly believe it’s there because we have seen it on occasion, but not regularly enough. We saw it a lot on a consistent basis last year. I truly believe that the best is yet to come for our hockey club.”

You can analyze Poile’s comments quite a few ways. One could argue that if the team is consistently inconsistent, then the team should have all of the information they need on the current roster and a trade would make a lot of sense. The other side might argue that you don’t want to make a big trade and potentially deal away a strong asset who might be just a few games away from putting things together.

Consistency in net and on offense has been a big issue for the Predators. Still, the team might be content to stand pat and they’re quick to remind that they already did make a major deal this season.

“If we don’t make any trades this year, I’m comfortable. We’ve made a big trade. We’ve made a big trade that should have made our team better. And to this point, it hasn’t, but I believe all the ingredients are there within our team to carry us into the playoffs and have success in the playoffs.

But I’ll do my job. I am doing my job in terms of making calls, and if something is there that can improve our team, I will do that, but I’m comfortable with the makeup of our team. I’m just not totally happy with the production that we’re getting on an individual basis and we just need to play a little bit better.”

Stay tuned. Every team – regardless of what they say – will make a move if the right one comes calling.


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