Report: Canucks GM wants to tear down and rebuild but owners won’t allow it

The Vancouver Canucks are spinning out of the playoff picture and it looks like they’re going to be classified as sellers as the trade deadline nears. Though they may be clear sellers, that doesn’t mean they’re actually going to sell according to a report from Elliotte Friedman on Hockey Night in Canada.

Elliotte commented on the desires of Canucks GM Jim Benning and how the team’s owners aren’t in agreement.

That sounds like a problem. If this report proves to be true, you have to wonder how things are going to pan out not only at the deadline, but also behind the scenes between Benning and the team’s owners. If they’re on such different pages, will a change eventually be made at the GM level? It’s difficult to envision the two parties being able to work together well moving forward if the visions are that drastically different.

Back to the deadline, the Canucks should make moves. It’s shaping up to be another market which favors sellers and the Canucks are in desperate need of change. The Canucks should be able to fetch the best return for their assets if they were to start a rebuild.

Canucks fans will debate just how significant of an overhaul the team needs, but it sounds like the GM wants to shake things up – if he’s allowed.

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