Report: Islanders may not trade Travis Hamonic by the deadline

Back at the end of 2015, Islanders defenseman Travis Hamonic requested a trade out of the organization. Hamonic’s request reportedly had little to do with the Isles and more to do with the fact the 25-year-old wanted to be with a Western Conference team so that he’d be closer to home. The Jets (his home team) and the Oilers (a team that always needs defensive help) sounded like possible destinations, but now it appears the Islanders may hold on to Hamonic beyond the trade deadline.

Via News Day:

Two sources indicated that the Isles’ appetite for trading Hamonic, who has been the team’s most consistent defenseman this season, is still exceedingly low for an in-season move.

A deal sending Hamonic to Winnipeg in exchange for Jacob Trouba – something which was widely rumored – also has its issues:

Even in the summer, a Trouba-for-Hamonic deal would be problematic for many of the same reasons Isles GM Garth Snow couldn’t find a trade fit in September and October, when he had numerous discussions with his fellow general managers in hopes of accommodating Hamonic’s desire to move.

There was never a guarantee that the Islanders would fulfill Hamonic’s request. The defenseman is extremely valuable and the Islanders would be parting with an outstanding asset. Thankfully for both sides, the situation hasn’t morphed into one as complicated as the Jonathan Drouin ordeal down in Tampa Bay.

The Islanders are practicing patience and that’s a good thing. Hamonic isn’t holding the team hostage (yet) and that means the Isles can explore all of their options while still enjoying his talent on the ice. A deal is going to happen, but it may not happen this season.

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