The 5 best hockey fights from Week 13

Welcome to the first edition of Hockey Fights of the Week of the new year! The days leading into and shortly after New Year’s Day brought some outstanding fights which have been sorely lacking so far throughout 2015-16.

5. Jordan Nolan (LA) vs Andrey Pedan (VAN) – Dec. 28th

This isn’t the best of bouts, but Pedan’s first NHL fight is an impressive one. His size and strength keep the more experienced Nolan at bay, and though neither are able to get off too many punches, Pedan deserves the win for more than holding his own.

4. Bobby Farnham (NJ) vs Max McCormick (OTT) – Dec. 30th

McCormick dominates this fight. Not only is he able to hit Farnham with a bunch of punches, he does an outstanding job of completely shutting down Farnham’s ability to fight back. Really lopsided and impressive fight.

3. Michael Latta (WAS) vs Nicolas Deslauriers (BUF) – Dec. 28th

It’s pretty obvious this fight was planned prior to the faceoff, but Latta probably didn’t plan for the beating he’d receive from Deslauriers. It’s pretty clear that Deslauriers’s reached proved to be a decisive advantage.

2. Chris Thorburn (WPG) vs Chris Stewart (ANH) – Jan. 3rd

Stewart has been in a bunch of good fights this season and here’s yet another instance. Thorburn is a great competitor in this scrap, but Stewart is able to sneak in some powerful punches which narrowly give him another victory.

1. Tanner Glass (NYR) vs Shawn Thornton (FLA) – Jan. 2nd

Glass and Thornton are two players we’ve featured quite a bit over the last several years. It’s only appropriate that these two had the best fight in our first edition of 2016. This has also been one of the longest fights of the season. Thornton lands the majority of the punches and picks up a big win.

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