The 5 best hockey fights from Week 15

The 2015-16 season has passed the midway point and with it we’ve arrived on our 15th installment of Hockey Fights of the Week. This week’s batch of bouts have a little bit of everything – a late punch which might have crossed the line, a couple lopsided scraps and a few where we had a difficult time picking a winner.

5. Chris Neil (OTT) vs Patrick Maroon (ANH) – Jan. 13th

Maroon struggled to get his gloves off, but once he was free he did a really nice job in this fight against Neil. The perfect example of what hockey is all about occurred when Maroon nailed Neil in the chin with a punch and the Senators forward simply grinned.

4. Jordin Tootoo (NJ) vs Ryan Reaves (STL) – Jan. 12th

Bobby Farnham delivered an ugly late hit (one which earned him a four-game suspension) and the Blues weren’t happy. Reaves ended up knocking a couple people around before throwing his gloves with Tootoo. Reaves may have crossed the line by throwing a big punch while Tootoo was down, but he also reminded everyone that he’s one scary player.

3. Tom Wilson (WAS) vs Marcus Foligno (BUF) – Jan. 16th

Trailing by three in the third period, the Sabres tried to find a spark and that came through Foligno dropping the mitts with Wilson. This was a pretty even fight, but Foligno appears to land stronger punches while Wilson is mostly confined to the ol’ “hold the jersey’s collar and barely move your arm” punches.

2. Travis Zajac (NJ) vs Brad Richardson (ARI) – Jan. 16th

You wouldn’t think the Coyotes and Devils would have that much anger during a regular seasons contest, but Zajac and Richardson prove otherwise. This was a beating by the hands of Richardson – a beating Zajac may have never even seen due to how foggy his visor was throughout the fight.

1. Maxime Talbot (BOS) vs Johan Larsson (BUF) – Jan. 15th

This is an outstanding fight. Talbot and Larsson are evenly matched (even heights and only separated by 14 pounds) and it shows as this was about as balanced a fight as they come. We could make an argument that Larsson won due to a couple of punches near the beginning, but we’ll just sit back and enjoy.

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