The 5 best hockey fights from Week 17

It may have been a short week, but there was still enough angst among the ranks to bring you the five best hockey fights from the previous week in the NHL which, oddly enough, all happened on the same night. So let’s get to it, fight fans:

5. Peter Holland (TOR) vs. Aaron Ekblad (FLA) – January 26th

This was Ekblad’s first and only fighting major in his career. And you know what, he wasn’t bad at all.

4. Zach Bogosian (BUF) vs. Zack Smith (OTW) – January 26th

Bogosian made the list last week as well, which means he’s been an ornery one lately. And he landed some good shots on Zack Smith, as he was probably angry about Smith spelling his name with a K.

3. Dion Phaneuf (TOR) vs. Dmitry Kulikov (FLA) – January 26th

This game got nastier by the period as Kulikov came at Phaneuf with ill intent after Phaneuf’s hit from behind. Both got some good shots in here.

2. Chris Stewart (ANH) vs. Torey Krug (BOS) – January 26th

This fight was notable not only for the size difference between the two combatants, but for NESN play by play enthusiast Jack Edwards’ verbal take down of Stewart for not living by the mantra of “pick on somebody your own size.” (Even though it was Krug who admitted that he started the fight.)

1. Cody Bass (NSH) vs. Derek Dorsett (VAN) – January 26th

I’m familiar with Dorsett’s pugilistic skills from his time with the Rangers. But it’s Cody Bass, who also made this list last week, who has made an impression on me as somebody not to be messed with. This fight featured a good amount of solid shots on both sides simultaneously. This wasn’t just a dance, it was a true battle.

Bonus: Patrick Kane (Central All-Stars) vs. John Scott (Pacific All-Stars) – January 31st

Okay, it may not have been a real fight, but it’s the one you’ll remember.

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