The 5 best hockey fights from Week 21

Welcome to a deadline day edition of Hockey Fights of the Week. The past week of fights was almost as slow as the trade deadline. There were a total of 10 fights in the Week 21 window, a signal that teams are focusing more on securing points late in the year than they are on fisticuffs.

On to the fights.

5. Troy Brouwer (STL) vs Petter Granberg (NSH) – Feb. 27th

If you watched this Blues and Preds game, you know this fight was the only bright spot for Brouwer and his team. The Predators crushed the Blues 5-0 and the only place they came up a bit empty was in this scrap.

4. Matt Calvert (CBJ) vs Kevan Miller (BOS) – Feb. 22nd

Calvert wasn’t happy about being thrown around in the corner and he decided to stand up for himself. That didn’t go too well and the larger Miller had an easy time in this one.

3. J.T. Miller (NYR) vs Sergei Kalinin (NJ) – Feb. 23rd

Miller is pretty lucky that he’s able to get his arm free from his jersey after it comes loose. He also has a pretty wicked wrestling takedown that would make the WWE proud.

2. Scott Wilson (PIT) vs Landon Ferraro (BOS) – Feb. 24th

This fight has a lot of things we love. Gloves flying through the air. A skating standoff. Punches being thrown so hard that the two skaters spin in circles. Some great crunching punches. We’ll call this one a draw in honor of the two players who put on such a fun fight.

1. Erik Gudbranson (FLA) vs Dalton Prout (CBJ) – Feb. 27th

After a lengthy hug, Gudbranson pummels Prout. There really weren’t many punches thrown by Prout and he’s probably pretty lucky that the majority of Gudbranson’s blows caught him in the helmet.

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