The 5 best hockey fights from Week 23

This week’s edition of Hockey Fights of the Week features some names you’re probably pretty used to seeing as well as a couple which might take you by surprise. Kyle Clifford, Tom Wilson and Adam McQuaid are regulars while Filig Forsberg seems a but out of place.

5. Filip Forsberg (NSH) vs Jake Virtanen (VAN) – Mar. 12th

Forsberg’s first NHL fight served as a solid reminder that the forward should focus on scoring goals and not tossing his gloves. Virtanen isn’t exactly the most experienced fighter, but he makes quick work of Forsberg and the officials have to shut things down in a hurry.

4. Adam McQuaid (BOS) vs Shawn Thornton (FLA) – Mar. 7th

This battle between former teammates could have been better, but it’s still fun seeing the two enforcers go head-to-head. Thornton wasn’t happy with McQuaid’s hit and wanted to settle things with his fists. It’s a close scrap, but advantage Thornton.

3. Andreas Athanasiou (DET) vs Matt Calvert (CBJ) – Mar. 8th

Care to take a guess which player was dropping his gloves for the first time in the NHL?

2. Tom Wilson (WAS) vs Kyle Clifford (LA) – Mar. 9th

There’s a lot of grappling in this bout, but it’s still pretty entertaining. These two experienced fighters do a great job of keeping the other in check, which is a skill in itself.

Also – how awesome was it when Wilson’s helmet went flying/spinning into the air?

1. Marcus Foligno (BUF) vs Greg Pateryn (MON) – Mar. 1oth

This fight ended a bit prematurely as Foligno’s head disappeared in his sweater and reappeared in a solid Beavis & Butt-head tribute, but it’s still a good enough fight to lead this week’s list. Both Buffalo and Montreal don’t have much to fight for this season, so why not drop the mitts?

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