The John Scott movie is actually happening

The John Scott saga surrounding the 2016 NHL All-Star Game in Nashville was a truly memorable story. The ordeal to get Scott voted into the game and the following drama which unfolded with his trade, demotion and ultimate success in the game had many drawing parallels to different underdog movies. It turns out that Scott’s story is likely going to be turned into its own film.

Several reports have stated that various groups want to make a movie about Scott, but details have been pretty vague. Even still, Scott recently spoke with Sportsnet 590 about his story being turned into a movie.

Scott states that he had talks about a movie prior to even playing in the All-Star Game, but the attention really picked up after his performance. Later in the interview, Scott mentioned that he thinks the group is trying to get a movie turned around fairly quickly while the idea is still fresh.

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. A documentary on Scott and this whole story would be fascinating (though it would have been better if it was filmed along the way), but a theatrical movie seems a bit … strange. A rushed production could have a very amateur feel which could dangerously fall into the cheesy or corny category.

Scott’s story is crazy and awesome, but let’s hope it’s not tarnished by a low quality movie.

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