The NHL may change All-Star voting thanks to John Scott

John Scott is in the All-Star Game. It’s a reality now and people are still double and triple checking that this is still taking place. While fans are enjoying the fact Scott will participate in the new 3-on-3 format, the NHL doesn’t want a situation like this to arise again which is why they are taking measures to eliminate that possibility.

Elliotte Friedman broke it down on Sportsnet:

“You’re going to see a situation where the League decides if it’s going to be that the fans just have a portion of the vote – not all of the captaincy votes – or could it just be that there’s a list online that you’re going to be able to vote from. I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re not going to see the same kind of all out voting that we saw this year and what it resulted in with the captaincies.”

For all of the fun that was had, it looks as if it will be short lived after this game. For an exhibition game that is supposed to be about the fans, the league loves taking away any involvement from them. If they present a list, what if it doesn’t include players having surprisingly good years such as Nick Foligno last year? This seems like a surefire way for them to screw something up again.

Does the league want to keep pushing its fans away? You would think with the league in the position that it is in that they would want to do anything they can to keep hockey fans engaged. Who knows, maybe they will stick around after the next lockout. Cross your fingers Gary!

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