The Ottawa Senators can’t stop committing good deeds

The idiom is “No good deed goes unpunished,” but I think in the case of the Ottawa Senators that hasn’t exactly been the case.

The story goes that Mark Stone of the Ottawa Senators gave some money to a homeless person a couple of weeks ago and at that night’s game he scored a goal. When Curtis Lazar heard about this he had to participate.

Lazar was quoted as saying:

“I pulled up to an intersection (Friday), there was a homeless guy and I gave him $50 (U.S.),  and little did you know I scored two goals. Good karma. Paying it forward and, hopefully, it continues.”

Lazar isn’t the only one committing good deeds. During one of Ottawa’s biggest snowstorms of the year, defenseman Mark Borowiecki decided to help out strangers and get their cars out of the snow.

While it isn’t showing up in the standings just yet, I think paying it forward is a sound strategy for the Senators as they try to climb their way into a playoff spot.

(Featured Image courtesy of @Media_Sens)

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